Change is the enemy. Also, change is imperative.

Most IT organizations are facing an aspirational backlog. They want to implement major initiatives, but even modest system improvements and upgrades keep getting deferred because of smaller breaking changes.

You love having things work cleanly and smoothly, but reality’s not like that. The truth is that your enterprise has a lot of moving parts that sometimes interact in weird ways, so it’s often hard to improve one thing without breaking something else that’s important.

Blue Herring works with IT directors and CTOs in all kinds of industries, focusing on shops with mission-critical applications and not enough staff time to keep up with growing demands. We get how system change works; we cultivate efficiency and predictability in messy, chaotic environments.

You can’t possibly control all change, but you can definitely monitor it.

The trick is to do that monitoring in a comprehensive, sustainable way that yields information and understanding, not a blast of data.

Are you ready to go?

Blue Herring works with teams that want to make big changes!