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Hey everybody, I’m launching a new product right now and if you’re in IT operations (or devops) you will want to know about it.

Blue Herring does two main things for your IT operations:

  • When something goes wrong, it immediately points you to the resources that changed state most recently so you can identify the problem quickly. It does this without overwhelming you with alerts.
  • When your operations center is functioning normally and you’re in a relatively steady state, it keeps an audit trail going forward that shows what hasn’t changed. So if you’ve passed a formal IT operations audit, Blue Herring can help you certify that those results are still valid going forward.

I’ve referred to this product obliquely in other articles and blog posts and stuff, but this is the first time you’re seeing the tool itself as a discrete offer. The concept works, the implementation is solid, and it supports a reasonable range of resource types.

The thing I’m looking for now is a few case-study installations. If you’re running anywhere from about ten servers on up, and you want to influence the near future of developing a really useful new operations tool, we should talk about your needs and interest.


Use the SurveyMonkey

I set up a SurveyMonkey to ask a few general questions about your IT operations and gauge your interest in getting connected with Blue Herring. If that works for you, great!
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