Do your status reports sound like this?

Blue Herring is for IT organizations that are highly effective yet still stuck in break-fix mode. Are you facing obstacles like these?

  • You’re trying to scale things that don’t want to scale.
  • One system goes down, they all do.
  • Legacy apps fail.
  • Your teams are fighting cross-application dependencies, and sometimes each other.
  • Deployment cycles are lost to firefighting and unplanned work.
  • Big initiatives get delayed because routine changes are dominating the work queue.
  • Teams tell you that auto-updating anything is asking for disaster.
  • Monitoring overwhelms your people with alerts that aren’t relevant.
  • CMDBs are supposed to help, but… no.

So daily life is like this:

Time lost troubleshooting

53 percent of DevOps agree troubleshooting app issues is the top task completed on a given day…. Without troubleshooting, tech pros overall would prioritize building product roadmaps as a top three daily activity not listed in their top three current daily tasks.” 


Interactions along the deployment pipeline and extra dependencies in the production environment make everything take longer.

Devops promises to cut your release cycle down to days or even hours, but in reality there’s way more latency than that.

What went wrong? It’s not the tools, it’s not your people, it’s probably the connections among components and resources.

Cross-Application Dependencies

It happens that IT can’t upgrade a single application in isolation.

Your development team may have a great new feature set that depends on a shared server component. Sometimes the applications are even deadlocked!

As a result, a feature that legitimately took only a week or two to develop maybe can’t go live for months.

Too many alerts

When something goes wrong, there might be a thousand urgent alerts traceable to a single misconfiguration.

Or possibly worse, there can be a thousand alerts and actually nothing wrong at all.

Your best people are wasting time “mowing the lawn” instead of making things better.

Maintain the value chain.

The point is that modern business demands small changes delivered quickly. Important business ideas might take just a few weeks to discover and implement, but rolling out the software changes to support them becomes the bottleneck.

Your stakeholders are going to want more regular deployments with fewer interruptions and less drama.

Are ongoing maintenance and deployment issues holding you back?

If you want to up your game and start implementing major initiatives, this is for you.